New game from Nemo Studios, available 14 december on Steam!

Welcome to Nemo Studio’s and Corma’s official website. Here you can contact us, read patch notes and see our planned roadmap. 

Corma is both a singel and multiplayer survival game. Our vision of Corma is to create a realistic but playable game as we can. What we mean about that is, it’s really cool that you brake you leg if you get shoot in your leg, that you cant walk and probablly gonna bleed out and die. We want to capture the fun and playable realistic gamefeatures so you players have a challange while it’s still fun and playable. 

Island Of Corma is our main map, the island is an old industrial island. When it was active they extracted tons of high value resources. But now.. old building still standing, barely.. wildlife has taken over… perfect place to send high securty risk prisonners to, yes you are one…!